Radomir antic: Serbian, became its in Spain

Tough times harden people. Cost on the world wide web to spread the news of the death of Radomir Antic, the most popular response of the people was succinct: “From what?”. Fear of the coronavirus, which gradually becomes almost religious, overshadowing all other emotions. The famous Serb, the one who coached all three Spanish giants, died of inflammation of the pancreas, but that is no reason to forget about it.

Antic never hid the fact that he became the coach, which became, thanks to his career. For the football player of the seventies and eighties it was very rare to try their hand in four Championships – especially for a player the national team level (Radomir played for Yugoslavia only once). In addition to this talented defender has made transitions, which now look awesome: from Yugoslavia to Turkey in 28 years, from Turkey in top League of Spain, 29, from Spain to England in 31…

Most likely, the whole life of the Antic would have been different, if not another political collapse in Turkey. Here’s how Radomir told about the stage of my career at Fenerbahce: “It was a special time. I already had two children, and from my point of view, Istanbul was at that time the most beautiful city in the world. A city of two oceans, two continents and with a history very closely associated with the old history of Yugoslavia. In the second season we became Champions and I scored Galatasaray. Goal, when I broke his head! I was in the hospital that night.

But something happened that influenced my decision to leave. At that time in Turkey was great political turbulence that eventually led to the coup of General Kenan Evren. I had a family with two children. Although I was in a beautiful city, which I really liked to play, I decided to go to Spain.”

In the Pyrenees of Antic sheltered Vujadin boskov then just a good coach who will soon become great. When it the best years in its history will hold Sampdoria, who will win the championship and will be released in the Champions League final, he will win the League title with real Madrid, but at that point it will only make a name for myself.

About Baskovym antic recalled with great warmth. “When Moscow spoke, everyone listened. I learned from him that no good players make good teams and good atmosphere.

Ten years later, when Zaragoza called me and asked me control them, I first went to Slovenia, to the lake, where he lived Vaadin. I asked him what I need to do to manage in the Spanish League. I have never had such requirements.

He told me everything. He even lay on the ground and showed exercises for belly! All. Boskov was like a father to me. He gave me something that is so important in life and in football. Education.” In this antic from the very beginning did something that is so lacking in many of our players have tried to be in a foreign land their own. For example, as a player Radomir gave their children to the British school in Zaragoza.

Although the end of life antic was almost more Spanish than Serbian, a very bright period he gave and in the UK. Already on the downturn of his career he moved to the “Luton town”, speaking in the second division. Wittingly or unwittingly, but his coaching skills he demonstrated at that moment: “I told coach David Stove: “All play with a Libero. Look at Beckenbauer”. He said, “I have no right to force the player to just wait in defense and to be weaker than the adversary in the attack.” “But David, everyone is doing it”, I said. “Look at Beckenbauer”. “Yes, but this is England…”.

Anyway, as Radomir was able the clearest way to Express themselves on the field. The four seasons, that antic had “Luton”, turned on the exit of the club in the top League and winning the fight for survival – two key goals in addressing these objectives was that the Serbian defender. First, he scored the decisive goal to exit in the first division, and then in a classic match for a place in the elite (last tour, “there will be only one”, “man city” suit tie, “Luton” needed away win) scored the winning goal in the final minutes after coming on as a substitute.

And now, it’s time to hang up his boots. Antic comes in “Zaragoza” and then in “real” – by the way, makes a way, who could do a few years earlier. Moscow, after he had led real Madrid, wanted to take a friend with a defender, but the leadership of the “real” looked at the numbers in the passport of the player and blocked the transfer… But, anyway, Radomir immediately headed club of the higher League and the first season in a new capacity finished to a high fifth place. To this day, this final result is in the top ten in the history of the Aragonese club.

Despite this, after the second season in “Zaragoza”, which the club finished in ninth place, antic said goodbye to the club. Generally, when we delve into the details of my coaching career, amazed at how brazen was the attitude of the coaches in the Pyrenees in the eighties and nineties. In Madrid, for example, Radomir came in as the third coach for the season: after John Toshack and Alfredo di Stefano. He rebuilt the model of the game, gave a brilliant start (nine wins and a draw against Barcelona Cruyff in the first ten rounds) next season, has achieved leadership in the championship and… was fired exactly at mid-season. Madrid after that missed “gold” in the last round, losing to Tenerife.

The champion trainer was quite another Madrid club. About the main success in your life antic said: “I chose atlético because it was the hardest job in the world” – and no matter how it looked like an attempt to add myself whist it is true. Atletico were led by a terrific President jesús Gil, who became a symbol of the whimsical and unpredictable decisions. The record of Jesus Gil or six coaches for the season, and he is in danger of becoming eternal, no “Karpaty” not even close selected. As he said himself: “For me to fire the coach – it’s like that to finish the bottle of beer. Can kill 20 a year, and can and hundred if necessary.”

And with the boss antic didn’t just win the championship, and made a gold double! When Entice the second club of Madrid has found his king in the center of the field: if in the “Real world” when it began to reign Hierro, in the “Atletico” revealed Diego Simeone. To Antic at El Cholo in Europe was a departure from the “Pisa” and three mediocre seasons in Spain (suffice it to say that the previous season, Atletico ended on the 14th place), after meeting with Yugoslav – titles, global recognition, transfers to and from inter and Lazio.

In the championship season, Simeone earned 18 fantastic yellow, but also scored 12 goals. The team started with confidence the tank (this time the first ten rounds of the team allowed the opponents two draws), immediately got the lead, twice against Barcelona and won the first League title in 18 years. The team featured a power in the defense (only 32 conceded in 42 matches) and heterogeneity in the attack (two-digit number of goals scored by four different football player), other team leaders became striker lyuboslav Penev, midfielder Caminero and goalkeeper Molina.

Alas, the tale was short-lived. Coach antic are generally very quickly rushed into elite of world football – and very quickly it got out. Of the last four clubs he has coached in the Example, three ended with the departure – and even Barcelona to this, frankly, is sought. At atlético he came three times: after the championship was delayed for two seasons (without much success), and then responded to invitations Gil two more times, but the last of them ended with relegation. Dived into Segundo and Betis against Celta and Barcelona have invited the Antic after the dismissal of van Gaal until the end of the season was in the second half of the table.

Even the participation of Antic on the 2010 world Cup, which certainly can remember many readers, was already in the autumn of the Patriarch. His career probably could not do without the Serbian national team and the FIFA world Cup in South Africa, he brought a stellar team with Subotic, I., and Kolarova at his peak. The team won, perhaps the greatest victory in its history (1:0 against Germany), but groups did not. Principles and practices of Radomir before stopped working – so often… the Last place was the Chinese “Shandong Luneng”, the trainer left in 2013-m to year.

Grief for the death of one of the most famous Serbian experts went far beyond his native country. Post his memory in social networks dedicated to, for example, Gheorghe Hagi, who worked with Radomir one calendar year at Real Madrid almost three decades ago. About emotions at home and can not speak: for a long time antic was one of the most famous representatives of a country that just appeared on the political map of the world. Antic was a very big man, who has seen a football and which is loved by many.

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