PYATOV: “don’t worry about what I miss in 26 European matches in a row”

The goalkeeper of Donetsk Shakhtar Andriy Pyatov in an interview with UEFA, spoke about the confrontation with the German “Wolfsburg” in the Europa League.

– We long studied the “Wolfsburg”. I can say that the team was dismantled thoroughly: knew the strengths and understood that the composition has a very high striker, a leader who plays well with his head. But also the opponent will have weaknesses. The match showed that we confidently acted in defense, and I think it would be better if I used more chances for larger wins.

– What are disadvantages drew the attention of the coach?
– On certain points in defense, but I don’t want to reveal all because we still have to play the second match. I believe Wolfsburg have made about us insights, so I don’t know how to develop the second meeting. But at that time we were aware of its benefits: we’re faster, our Brazilian players know how to win physical battles, he used them, and did it pretty well. However, we still needed to score one or two goals to get closer to what you strive for.

– The match was two missed penalty and at the gate of “miner” with the score 1:0 was a situation when to reach the ball failed, so Wolfsburg equalized. I think this is my mistake?
– Of course, I’m a pretty experienced goalkeeper and I can say, when he made a mistake and when you could have done better. But the most important thing is to continue to play because the match is on. Later we had a debriefing with the coach of goalkeepers, and he explained to me that one would do otherwise. And then we just needed to move on.

Is not messed up? How much time is needed to re-gather?
– It was not easy, but most importantly – what to do next. If everything is correct and there are no more errors, so I can make the right decisions and are one of the most important players on the team.

– What would change at that moment? As it was necessary to act?
– Apparently, it was necessary to use the fingers and then I would reach the ball. Instead, I tried to use a fist and not got. If you tried to get the ball with your fingers, even the slightest touch would have caused him to change the trajectory.

– Stepanenko was not involved in that match because of injuries at his position played a 19-year-old Marcos Antonio. What do you think about his statement may have been in contact before the match to give him some advice?
– He’s got older teammates in the face of taison and Marlos who are already experienced players. I think they explained everything to him, so he’s not worried. Actually training shows that he is the future of Shakhtar. He reminds me of Fred, who has passed in “Manchester United”. Marcos is a talented player, and now everything depends on him. I see that it’s a real talent, very good player.

– Can you talk a little bit about his participation in that meeting?
– He was great! Marcos – Manager, links the midfield with the attack. His whole game is based on intercepting the ball and moving the ball into attack. One is talking about his abilities. He did it very well and probably deserved the goal, right?

In the evening Shakhtar increased their away unbeaten run in UEFA competitions to five matches. If you configured something special before the fight on another field?
I don’t know! It just happens. Maybe we are a little more focused… and When you are away from home, dominated by a defensive mentality. It’s like building the Foundation, you know? You away from home – and away team, and then probably play with more concentration. When we are at home, the fans spur us forward and may remain in free zones.

– “Shakhtar” there is another record series. Team conceded in 26 appearances in Euro cups in a row.
Yeah, I know. It’s hard not to know!

– You personally are concerned?
– No, if we win the Europa League and miss out on every game, I will be happy! Of course, I’m a goalkeeper and want to keep a clean sheet, like any other. Game zero for a goalkeeper – the best indicator of his speeches. However, I also understand that the standards in Europe are much higher than in Ukraine, and more difficult to keep clean sheets. Sometimes my fault, sometimes my teammates, but this is our collective problem. So, God willing, we will finally be able not to concede in the next matches.

– In the final.
– It would be just fine!

– In conclusion, a few questions about upcoming games and forced a pause, through which you had to go. When resumed, the Ukrainian championship, was the feeling that “Shakhtar” everything is easy? You won comfortably and immediately won the title. Was there a feeling that things were going too well and it can turn into a not the best way?
– You, the fans and spectators, it might seem that it were that simple, but trust me – this period was very difficult for us. We approached the renewal season very seriously. When I started practicing, almost all the children showed themselves to be professionals and were in good shape. We did not need much time to gain the optimal condition. So, in fact, from the very first game against Dynamo we were ready, maybe not 100, but 90 percent accurate. And then, as participation in the championship, our physical shape has improved, which allowed without problems to cope for 90 minutes. Also say that during that period the young guys have really found myself. Don’t know, in training young players look very confident. They force veterans, experienced players, leaders also work hard. The competition is now very high. But the coach does not feel any difference in composition. All work well and try.

Loss ismaily: how does the team feel his absence? Can it be replaced? At least he was a key player.
In my opinion, this is a big loss. He’s just a “tank” on the left flank, one of our leaders. But since this has already happened, in my opinion, in this situation, there is also a positive moment: Shakhtar have time to young Cipriano gained confidence. Because these few remaining games will prepare for the Europa League, and then will start the Champions League.

We will remind, in the first match “Shakhtar” on the road beat “Wolfsburg” with the score 2:1. The return match to be held on 5 August in Kiev.

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