Putin’s daughter enters the Supervisory Board of the center for the study of the genome of the Russians, the main investor will be “Rosneft” – BBC

Corporation Rosneft and pediatric endocrinologist Maria Vorontsova, which is called the eldest daughter of Vladimir Putin. become parties to large-scale project in the field of genetic research, designed to bring Russia into industry leaders by 2027. On April 29, reported the BBC.

On April 28 in Moscow, was registered by the centre “Development of genetic technologies”, address – Moscow, Shabolovka, 10. There is also the office of “Rosneft”.

Director of the center was a famous Russian biologist, assistant head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin, Konstantin Severinov, He Sechin, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, which can also include Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, the Russian presidential aide Andrei Fursenko and Maria Vorontsova.

As told to British television and radio Corporation the source in “Rosneft” genetic centre “is a project of the President’s daughter, will give everything you need”. Another source familiar with the details of the agreement of the government and Rosneft to launch the project, said that over the next seven years, the oil will be allocated for genetic research from $500 million to $1 billion, although they are not for her profile.

However, another source who is familiar with the development of the project, claims that he was “not made specifically for art” and is “a strategic thing.”

As told to BBC three source familiar with the details of the project, the organization will focus on sequencing (genomic analysis) of the population of Russia. The study is planned to determine whether there are typical for the Russian ethnos “genetic damage”, which can be detected and later edited. The minimum program – to find out what “failure” is at the individual research participants.

The study is planned to collect for the study of genetic material 100 thousand Russians – it will basically take the employees of “Rosneft” in the framework of the planned medical examination, said the sources.

Place of work Maria Vorontsova specified Research medical center of endocrinology of the Ministry of health, where she worked as a leading researcher in the children’s Department of thyroidology, reproductive and somatic development. The media wrote that she was very interested in genetics, serves on the Board of the Federal scientific and technical program of development of genetic technologies.

Vorontsova (also known as Maria Faassen) 34. The magazine The New Times in 2016, wrote that she was in 2011 he graduated from the faculty of fundamental medicine of Moscow state University. After the birth of her daughter defended her thesis on endocrinology topics.

In July 2019, the air force reported that Vorontsov was engaged in business – 2019 it is one of the founders of the joint-stock company “Nomeco”, which has invested 100 thousand rubles (about $1,500), which at the time of registration consistent with the proportion of 20%.

Putin has never publicly did not recognize Vorontsov and her younger sister Katerina Tikhonov their daughters.

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