Putin signed a decree on insurance guarantees for the medical staff working with COVID-19

Medical workers treating patients with coronavirus infection, will provide additional safety assurance. The corresponding decree was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to RBC.

The decree applies to doctors, middle and Junior medical staff and ambulance drivers who work directly infected COVID-19 or patients with a suspected infection.

In the event of the death of health workers from the coronavirus their relatives receive a lump sum payment in the amount of 2.7 million rubles. Employees who received a disability due to COVID-19, pay from 680 thousand to 2 million rubles, While temporary disability, they will get 68 thousand.

In April, Putin ordered for three months to establish additional payments to specialists, who work directly with patients infected with the coronavirus. For physicians, the fee is 80 thousand rubles. per month, for nurses — 50 thousand rubles., and for Junior — 25 thousand rubles. for emergency physicians provide payments in the amount of 50 thousand rubles., and for paramedics, nurses and drivers of the crew — 25 thousand rubles.

These payments are exempt from tax on income of physical persons (NDFL).

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