Putin signed a decree banning the military to publish information about the service in the media and social networks

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin on may 6, signed a decree, according to which the transfer and dissemination of information on military service of soldiers in the media and the Internet will be considered a gross disciplinary misconduct. The document published today on the Kremlin website.

Signed on may 6, the document amends the disciplinary Statute of the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

The military is forbidden to disseminate “information, allowing to determine the identity or the intended use of servicemen to the armed forces of the Russian Federation, other troops, military formations and bodies; information about other military personnel, the citizens discharged from military service, members of their families or their parents, including information to determine the location of the specified persons during a certain period”.

According to the document, these actions will be regarded as gross misconduct.

In the decree it is reported that it is impossible to extend the “details of military service, information on the activities of military control bodies, including information about the deployment or redeployment of military control bodies, military units, military organizations and units.”

March 18, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed adopted by the State Duma a law banning the spread of fake news and responsibility for insulting representatives of the authorities, the media and the Internet.

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