Putin on 9 may crawl out of the isolation in Novo-Ogaryovo on Red square. This feat serves as a visit to Pripyat in may 1986

“The President will continue the regime of self-isolation in Novo-Ogaryovo. But on may 9 he will lay flowers to the eternal flame. Of course, with observance of all security measures. And from there turn to the Russians. He can not do otherwise!” – said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

That’s right, the absolute feat. To crawl out of Novo-Ogaryovo and drive to the red square. They all served like a trip to Pripyat in may 1986. The contaminated area. Can’t imagine what other “security measures” they will take. Seal it with foil? Disinfectant will impregnate the path from the car to the grave? Well, the flowers and the operator, it is clear that prosterilizovat until the last streaks. And certainly corrode the very last living person in a radius of 2 km. If he had at least 100 passes.

And only then, placing disinfected bouquet, he turns to the camera and decontaminated refer to their infected country. Otgovori about the victory, quickly return to the bunker. Of course, if this is it. Which I personally, as always, I doubt.

Source: Elena Rykovtseva / Facebook

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