Putin Khabarovsk – conflict three–five people, then there is the people on the streets – he does not want to know. They are for him – the extras for cookies

The incredible adventures of the feudal lords in the XXI century – to the appointment of the acting Governor of the Khabarovsk region.

The President appointed acting Governor of Khabarovsk territory Michael Dyagterev. Not very temporary, by the way, is 14 months, but it is this post worthy. The grandson of the Secretary of the Ulyanovsk regional Committee of the CPSU, sport. Not judo, true, but the President we have a man of broad views. Many years a Deputy from the LDPR faction, i.e. to suspect there’s some morals and principles no reason. As head of the state Duma Committee on sports, the stupidities uttered no less than other athletes-members, but not much more – the Kremlin repainted and the like. Public policy – elections of the mayor of Moscow took as much of 2.86%. This is important – the electoral experience there is likely to sit quietly, not trying to build up charisma. And main advantage is irrelevant to Khabarovsk territory, maybe even never been there.

But the point is not the merits of Djagtereva, however large they may be. This appointment demonstrates not just contempt for the people and fear of him (not by chance that the decree was promulgated in 22.00 Khabarovsk – suddenly, the morning resolve?), but complete isolation not only from country to country, but from time to time, from century. The President and formed the system live in early feudalism.

Why do appointed people from the liberal democratic party? It is unlikely that those who prepared the reports to Putin on the situation in Khabarovsk, do not understand that the people there are not for this wonderful party went out, and for her, whom they chose. What, in the Kremlin, Zhirinovsky was scared of his threats? Also no, there is no danger he represents, he has all passed, and betrayed, and that it will be, it was obvious even before he opened his mouth. In another case. The whole country, all in it are, and all who live in it, of course, belong to the President. But other lords have rights and he, as a wise leader doesn’t want to break them. Once it happened that the Khabarovsk territory was in the area of the liberal democratic party, let him stay there. And all the other Dukes and barons should see that Yes, each of them, if not pleased, you can in the fortress, but the Duchy nobody will touch will be the son to rule, or brother. Lenno and all rights and titles will pass to him as the rightful heir.

Putin sees the world as the combat area is very small number of sovereign seniors – oligarchs, officials and others committed to the table. For him, the Khabarovsk – conflict three–five people, then there are people on the streets – he does not know and does not want to know. They are for him – the extras, the extras for cookies. He doesn’t understand that people in Khabarovsk, and elsewhere, are not the property of the parties, generals and factory owners that they are free. Not because he gave them freedom, he did not give! – but because they are human. That is why, being somewhere in the XV century, not simply despising people, but not realizing the very fact of their existence, he once again spit in the face.

And everywhere around was the XXI century!

Source: Leonid Gozman / Facebook

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