Putin instructed to create a database of genetic data of Russians

In Russia will create informational-analytical system for the storage and processing of genetic data “national database of genetic information”, provided for by instructions of President Vladimir Putin, which was published on 5 June on the website of the Kremlin.

Responsible for the development and storage of genetic data base of the Russians assigned to the government and the national research centre “Kurchatov Institute”.

To create a database in 2021 will allocate money from the Federal budget. What kind of amount involved, is unknown.

The government is mandated to “ensure the establishment in the Russian Federation, laboratory and scientific equipment, allowing to carry out research at an international level in the field of genetic technologies, and production supplies to him.”

“Russian service of the BBC” reported on 29 April that the alleged Putin’s daughter Maria Vorontsova will become one of the leaders of the project to study the genome of the Russians, and the Corporation “Rosneft” should allocate up to $1 billion As has told a source familiar with the details of the project, the project will focus on sequencing (genomic analysis) of the population of Russia. The study is planned to determine whether there are typical for the Russian ethnos “genetic damage”, which can be detected and later edited.

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