Protégé Totti. In Italy died 21-year-old ex-Roma player

A few years ago he predicted an incredible future, and just before he died. At the age of 21 years… This became known thanks to Twitter Rome “Roma,” which told of the untimely demise of Joseph Boisset.

At one time the idol of the fans of “Roma” Francesco Totti Boisset personally took under his wing and cared for him. However, for various reasons, Joseph has failed to justify the hopes assigned to him, then tried to continue his career in Romania, signed in early February of this year a contract with the side Universitatea from Cluj. Perhaps, in this club, he would be able to regain themselves and begin to move up, if not for the tragedy…

The most difficult period of quarantine, pandemic coronavirus, Boisset has spent in Rome, where his house. But yesterday he lost consciousness and an ambulance on arrival just said death caused by acute heart failure.

On Saturday, Joseph played with friends, and this week he had to return to Romania to resume training with the team…


In Europe Joseph Boisset was in 2015 when he arrived in Italy along with other refugees, using the services of organizations that provide illegal migration. Dealers promised to help him pass the view in one of the two Roman football clubs, but after arriving at the Termini station left him, abandoning earlier commitments.

Joseph himself had managed to get to the Academy “Roma”, in which his first contract he received as an 18-year-old teenager. “Wolves” took over the full life of a footballer, and took care of his education. In Italy the history of this guy evokes special emotions, because these episodes are incredibly rare.

Subsequently, Roma have sent Boisset rental “Vicenza”, where the 25 February 2017 debut in Serie B at the age of 18 years, 5 months and 24 days. His teammates claimed that the Cameroonian had a good technique and very good anthropometry.

In Roma Boisset fell under the protectorate of Francesco Totti. However, in the summer of 2017, the Emperor left Rome, and returned from loan Joseph Boisset’s been in the Italian capital for another year, after which he received his freedom.

Since the summer of 2018 and February of the current he was looking for a new team. Finally found it, but to make his debut for the “Universitatea” Cluj from him first, prevented the pandemic coronavirus, and then sudden death…

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