Probed the soil. Promoters from Russia ready to organize a fight the Tendril – Gritsay

The noise which caused a verbal altercation between the boxer Oleksandr Usyk as a fighter, and Bogdan Grits may get a sequel. In Russia appeared willing to organize this fight according to the rules of mixed martial arts. In the match of the interested Russian and Japanese promoters, informs The publication notes:

“Mustache often accused Pro-Russian position. It even made to the database “Peacemaker”, and in Russia invited the boxer to give citizenship. In addition, the absolute world champion on Boxing will be the clear favorite in the confrontation with the wrestler. And a fight in Russia can spin the propaganda machine. Rumor has it that the people who organized the fight Emelianenko – koklyaev, probed the soil. Naturally, the patriot Gritsay will not go to Moscow, but a meeting can be arranged in neutral Minsk. The success of the broadcast is guaranteed. And spectators in the stands will be full. In Belarus there is no quarantine.

The Japanese are also fans of this kind of entertainment. That alone is worth the fight boxer Floyd Mayweather vs kickboxer of Tensive Nasukawa, which was organized by Rizin. Due to the cancellation of the Olympics in Tokyo the local promoters intend to somehow return big-time sports in the country and to create a vibrant Waterski fight in July-August. But there is a significant obstacle to the quarantine due to the coronavirus. Closed flights between many countries greatly complicates the logistics. And not the fact that summer in Japan will be allowed the spectators to the stands.

Recall that the Tendril starred in the Russian film, and then showed how it will destroy the cushion experts for criticism. They took the challenge wrestler Bogdan Gritsay. He said he was willing to look like a man in the fighting without rules. The tendril began to make excuses, they say will fight only according to the rules of Boxing. But it looked unconvincing.”

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