Princess Diana would be proud: Prince Harry has recorded important and very touching video in honor of the birthday of the mother

Yesterday, July 1, Princess Diana would have turned 59 years old. On this important day, Prince Harry recorded a video in which, on behalf of himself and his older brother William appealed to the fans. In the video, posted in the official Instagram account of the Award of Diana (The Diana Award), which was founded by the Palace and the children of lady Di after her death, he touched on the topic of racism, which is now especially acute in the United States.

“My wife told me that our generation and the previous have not done enough to correct the mistakes of the past. I am also sorry that we are unable to make the world the way you deserve it,” said Harry.

Mentioned the Prince about his mother, noting that, if she were alive, she would continue to fight against injustice and cruelty.

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Publication of The Diana Award (@dianaaward) 1 Jul 2020 at 8:13 PDT

“I know that my mom was inspired by many of you. And I know she would have fought for your rights today. Like many of you, she never sought the easy, popular or convenient ways. She always defended his principles and supported those who needed it”, he added.

Very true — lady Di’s son for sure would be proud of!

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