Prince William admitted, what’s the most ridiculous gift he’s been doing Kate Middleton

Even the royals, who, it would seem that pomp and a star from the sky to give, make blunders, congratulating loved ones. So, participating in the recording of the podcast former England international Peter Crouch’s Prince William has admitted, what’s the most ridiculous gift he made Kate Middleton at the very beginning of their relationship. The Prince presented to his girlfriend… Binoculars!

“I once bought my wife a pair of binoculars. It was at the very beginning of our relationship. I Packed it and it looked very nice. I was trying to convince himself. I thought it was really amazing, because you can see so far. She looked at me and said, “It is the binoculars? What’s going on?”. In General, it didn’t go very well,” said Prince William.

Cosmogirls, confess, and what are the bad gifts you received? Share in the comments!


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