Prilepin said that among those detained in Belarus mercenaries are the soldiers of his “battalion”

Among the mercenaries of the Russian private military company “Wagner” detained July 29, near Minsk, there were several people from the “battalion” of the Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin action. About this he wrote in Facebook.

“Among those detained in Minsk representatives of some PMCs do have several former soldiers from our battalion (which at the moment does not already exist). That people who fought and are fighting in the army of the DNR and LNR are fighting not only there, has long been known. They go to Syria, and in other warm warring country,” reads the post.

Prilepin believes that the mercenaries were in Minsk with the aim of destabilizing the situation in Belarus before the presidential elections, which should take place 9 August.

“E, if the Belarusian leadership will begin this story to exploit, is of course ridiculous it will look. As far as I can judge, the usual story: well-trained people are moving in certain directions on their routes, they have their own business, and no, Belarus does not need them. The fact that three dozen men in camouflage were going in some other direction, and the Belarusian special services well, I’m sure you know,” – wrote Prilepin.

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