Prepare a new season of f-1? Few races, Mercedes vs Red bull new tracks

3 to 5 July with a delay of 4 months to start the new season of Formula 1. It would be quite unusual, and therefore may be even more interesting than the regular season. What to expect in 2020?

A little racing, there is little chance to correct mistakes

The Formula 1 calendar has already reached 22 stages and there was talk about 25 years, but in 2020, the situation has changed. F-1 is able to officially confirm only 8 stages, all in Europe. Plus there is pre-agreement on the end of the season in December, the tracks in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi – a total of 10 races.

Management expects soon to talk about plans for the fall and add at least 5-6 races, but so far only scheduled eight Grand Prix, and it adds to the intrigue.

Nobody knows how the situation will develop with the coronavirus. And suddenly all will be able to hold only 8 stages? It is difficult even to imagine how this case will increase the cost of failure. One accident or one the gathering really can strike the pilot out of the fight. Or, perhaps, one of the top teams come to the start in top form, and the time to rectify the situation will not remain.

A few years ago in f-1 discussed the possibility of reducing the calendar to 15-16 stages to increase the value of a separate race. Now everyone will have the opportunity to see how it works.

New tracks

Formula-1 had problems to organize the stages outside of Europe. USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil, most likely in the 2020 race will not take. The situation in Asia is better, but it can change at any time, and to hold everything at the proper level will be difficult. Anyway, 8 races in Europe, the f-1 wants to add a few more Grand Prix, including on the slopes, which in normal circumstances would hardly be in the calendar.

There are persistent rumors that f-1 after the race in Monza in September, will hold a stage at the circuit of Mugello. This old-school track, which is owned by Ferrari. Pilots Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclere held on the small track tests and stated that such an interesting circuit deserves a place in the calendar.

In addition, there is the option with the track in Imola, Algarve Portuguese and the German Hoffenheim. Overall, with the filling of the European races of the season shouldn’t be a problem.

Hamilton in the pursuit of 7 title and records Schumacher

If you take the pre-season tests in the spring, the Mercedes is suitable for the season favourite, but Lewis Hamilton is the main contender for the 7th title. But given the long pause we have many unknowns, including it is impossible to assess the form of riders. However, exactly Hamilton is a favorite. Lewis has a chance to catch up with Schumacher in the number of titles and also surpass the achievement of Michael the number produced victories.

The legendary German won 91 Grand Prix, which is only 7 more than Hamilton. And if in the regular season from 20 to 22 stages, you can be sure that the pilot Mercedes will win at least 10 in the championship, where there can be 8-10 races, it can not count. And yet there is confidence that Lewis will break the record of Michael. As a minimum, the record number of victories.

The alignment of forces in the championship

Previously, nothing has changed. Mercedes and Red bull are the favourites, Ferrari far behind. Mercedes had a good pre-season tests, and had time to prepare little by starting the race in Austria. Red bull in Australia came quite confident in their abilities, and under the home stage in Austria, the Bulls have prepared a small pack. Many experts believe that Red bull is ready to compete with Mercedes on an equal footing, but the Ferrari behind.

So, Hamilton vs Verstappen? It is likely, although Austria, most likely, the indicator will not. Red bull has won the last two Grand Prix in Austria, and now the team can be called a favorite level with the Mercedes. However, a long pause imposes its own characteristics, so we will only show the race.

Last season Sebastian Vettel?

The last 2-3 seasons 4-time world champion didn’t look like himself, but Vettel remains one of the top and most recognizable pilots of Formula-1. In the spring of 33-year-old driver confirmed that he was leaving Ferrari after this season. What’s next? It is not excluded that for at least a year SEB will leave Formula 1, so as other teams is just not there.

While Mercedes is Hamilton, and the other teams are unlikely to be interested in the SEB. Many believe that the Germans will take an annual break and will return in 2022. Especially if Hamilton a year will finish his career. But it will be interesting if Ferrari in 2020 will be competitive, and SEB will win the title.

What records can be broken in 2020

– number of victories. From Michael Schumacher’s 91 victories, Lewis Hamilton is 84.
– the number in a row won the Cup of designers. Mercedes caught up with Ferrari (6) and goes on record.
– the youngest world champion. Now the youngest champion is Sebastian Vettel (23 years, 134 days). This year’s last chance to beat the record max Verstappen and Charles LeClair.

– the number of starts in the Grand Prix. Record – Rubens Barrichello with 322 starts. Kimi Raikkonen 312 starts.
– the number of podiums. Michael Schumacher 155 podium finishes, Lewis Hamilton – 151.
– the number of finishes in points. Michael Schumacher – 221. Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen – 213.

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