Practical system Pico will create an Autonomous home farm

Not everyone has a green thumb or enough time that you could devote. To help such people is called new Pico system, which will allow you to create almost Autonomous home farm.

Pico consists of a plurality of individual pots that can be combined in one chain. Each module consists of a plastic main pot and LED lamp full spectrum folding metal leg.

To start the growth process, it is sufficient to put the soil and seeds in the main pot and pour water in its external tanks. Water under the action of the capillary effect will slowly seep from the reservoir through the pores in the walls of the pot and nourish the soil in it. Thus, the plant will constantly be fed with water – one filling is enough for about a week.

To help green to grow is an LED lamp which is initially set low above the ground. The growth of the seedling it can be raised, but the maximum height is 22 cm That is enough for the majority of many edible and ornamental plants. The lamp does not have its own battery it must be connected to a power source via USB cable. If you use the standard 5-volt/1-amp phone adapter, you can connect up to three modules Pico, sequentially connecting them with wires. If you use a more powerful 5-volt/3-amp unit, the number of modules increases to six.

The lamp can operate continuously or on a timer. The entire system fits easily on the Desk or the wall using removable, magnetic holders and Velcro Velcro.

Now Pico is conducting a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. One module of the system can be obtained for $ 34 (retail price will be $45). A system of three modules will cost $85.

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