Police in Atlanta shot and killed African-Americans in the city began rioting

In the American city Atlanta (GA) police chief Erika shields resigned after the murder by police of African-American Rashard Brooks. On it informs TV channel CNN.

The incident occurred on the evening of June 12. Police received a call of a man sleeping in a parked car, which prevented other drivers to drive up to the restaurant.

Militiamen found out that the African American was in a state of alcoholic intoxication and tried to detain him, but he resisted. Police tried to TASE, but African Americans managed to take it and run.

As a result, one of the guards opened fire. The man was wounded and died in hospital. During the incident, also injured one police officer.

The mayor of Atlanta keisha lance bottoms has criticized the actions of a police officer. In her opinion, the use of weapons on his part was unnecessary. District Prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into the incident.

Two police officers were fired.

After the murder of Brooks in Atlanta protests began, whose members clashed with police officers. Several dozen people tried to block the highway connecting Georgia with neighboring States. They also smashed glass in the fast food restaurant, next to which the guards wounded Brooks and torched the place. As a result, the police had to use tear gas.

Protests against racism has swept across the world after the death of the African-American George Floyd’s in the American Minneapolis. He died may 25 after a tough police detention. Forensic examination confirmed that the death was caused by strangulation (a police officer with his knee pinned Floyd to the asphalt, becoming on his neck).

The destruction of the man triggered massive protests (often accompanied by riots and acts of vandalism), first in Minneapolis and later in other American cities.

In clashes in nine States, killed 11 people, among them – both police and demonstrators.

Four employees of police of Minneapolis, who participated in the arrest of Floyd, was charged.

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