Poland adopted a new security strategy. The main threat is recognized as “neo-Imperial policy of Russia”

The President of Poland Andrzej Duda signed a new national security strategy announced on 12 may, the Polish state news Agency PAP.

In accordance with the document the main threat to the security of Poland is recognized as the “neo-imperialist policy of the Russian authorities”, as well as increase Russia’s offensive military capabilities.

“It must be assumed that Russia will continue to undermine the current international order to recover their own positions and areas of influence,” say the authors of the document.

To this end, Moscow is using a hybrid aggression, cyberattacks and misinformation, it is said in the strategy.

Positively on Poland’s security is influenced by its deep integration into transatlantic and European structures, as well as bilateral and regional cooperation with key partners.

The previous national security strategy of Poland was adopted in 2014.

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