Plane crash in Pakistan. Killed at least 57 people, two survived

In the result of the crash of Pakistan International Airlines in Pakistan killed at least 57 people, reported the newspaper Dawn , citing information authorities of Sindh.

It is unclear whether all the victims are passengers or crew victim of the crash of Airbus A320-214. Since it fell on a residential area of Karachi, the victims may be among the local population.

According to specified data, onboard there were 99 people – 91 passengers and eight crew members. The plane carried a flight PK8303 from Lahore to Karachi and fell a few kilometers from the airport.

According to preliminary data, the cause of the crash was a technical failure. Channel Dunya News published the recording of the last conversation of the pilot. He told the Manager that “lost the engine”, and then filed a distress signal.

The rescue operation at the crash site continues.

It is known that he survived at least two passengers of the flight PK8303 – President Bank of Punjab Zafar Masud and Muhammad Zubair. Their condition is stable. From Masuda four fracture – Zubair received 35% burns of the body.

TV channel Geo TV quoted the statement of Zubair. He said that before landing the plane started to shake. Then, according to the man, he lost consciousness and when I woke up, smoke was everywhere.

The plane crashed into the ground tail section, and according to preliminary data, plane crash survivors, those who were in the front rows.

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