Pioli headed the inter, and now has become his in Milan

In early October Stephano Pioli headed “Milan”. The fans of Rossoneri disliked this assignment. Specialist previously worked at the head “Intera” and publicly confessed their love to the other Milan club. Fans were furious, but the leadership of the “red-black” was confident that I made the right choice.

All this time Pioli not sitting on the coaching bench of Milan, and on a powder keg. Senior members of the “Rossoneri” have proven to be not very serious people, which is not always possible to take a word. Marco Giampaolo is a striking confirmation. “Red-black” has publicly expressed confidence in the coach, and after a few weeks then sent him into retirement.

Pioli, signing a contract with Milan, he realized that he at any moment can overtake the fate of its predecessor. However, the expert still agreed to work at the club. Season 2019/20 was strange as for the Italian and his team. After dropping the “Rossoneri” began a meteoric rise.

There were a lot of rumours, conversations and scandals regarding coaching appointments, but Pioli remained at his post. Moreover, specialist extended his contract with the club until the summer of 2022. Next we shall consider the situation with the old-new coach “Milan” and about what awaits the team in the future.

Six months on the verge of dismissal

Season 2019/20 Milan began under the direction of Marco Giampaolo. The former coach of UC Sampdoria stayed at the head of the Rossoneri for a few months. Technician was fired after the 7th round of the championship of Italy. At that time, “red-black” took the 10th place in the standings Serie A, having only 9 points. Candidate Pioli was originally a question mark. However, the leadership of the Rossoneri urgently wanted to change something, and free coaches early in the season were few.

Pioli signed with Milan for 2 years. Italian media reported that the parties had a verbal agreement, which is undocumented. The specialist had put a condition: either win the Coppa Italia, or take the team to the Champions League. Otherwise, the club had the right to fire the coach without compensation. With the “Milan”, which took Pioli, both tasks seemed impossible.

With the arrival of the new coach situation, the team has not improved significantly. In principle, it is normal that not all the experts give the results with the first rounds. But management of “Milan” had all at once. A month after the appointment Pioli bosses “Rossoneri” began to consider new candidates for the position of head coach. Most active in this matter acted the General Director of “red and black” Ivan Gazidis.

AC Milan. Ivan Gazidis

Coaching question became “Apple of discord” in Milan. Gazidis actively lobbied for the nomination of ex-coach “RB Leipzig” Ralph Rangnick. This was not accepted by the head of the football Department of “Milan” Zvonimir Boban and technical Director of “red-black” Paolo Maldini. They, along with several players requested Gazidis to give Pioli quietly refined at least to the end of the season. But gendir Milan stood his ground.

In February, the situation worsened. Boban has publicly criticized Gazidis because he hindered the already developed project for the development team. Almost immediately after that, the media appeared information about impending retirement of Zvonimir. Indeed, Gazidis soon dismissed the Croat. Pioli meanwhile, enlisted the support of their new star player “Rossoneri” – Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Specialist continued to work with the team, despite the enormous pressure from the management. Every unsuccessful result of the resignation of the coach, seemed all the more real. Probably, the Italian left would be “red-black” before the quarantine, but with his German counterpart was not so easy to negotiate.

Perseverance rangiku kept the chances Pioli

AC Milan held talks with Rangnick since November. First the specialist did not really want to lead the Rossoneri. He felt fine in a managerial position in the company “Red bull”, where he is now. But Gazidis persistently wanted rangiku. Gendir Milan planned restructuring at the end of the season. He also believes that the German is perfect for a new project.

As you progress negotiations Rangnick began to set out the conditions. That requires a German, became known only in may. The newspaper La Repubblica found out that the specialist required a 5-year contract and large powers. Rangnick actually wanted to combine the position of head coach and technical Director. In Italy were outraged by the requirements of German when they became known.

Rangnick wanted to reconstruct not only the team but the whole club. This, according to media reports, it would take 140 million euros. Specialist immediately demanded 80 million for transfers to rejuvenate the squad. In addition, Rangnick wanted to come to Milan with his team of 15-20 people. Gazidis also wanted to reconstruct and to rejuvenate the squad, but he preferred to be at the business leadership (that is, in his case) no one intervened.

DPA. Ralph Rangnick

Gendir Milan was at a crossroads. On the one hand, the agreement with Reigncom was almost achieved. On the other, Gazidis could not give the German as much freedom as he wanted. Had to throw out several players who he expected. Besides, places in the structure would have lost Maldini, who is a legend of Rossoneri. Gazidis would not have understood neither the club nor outside it.

And here “Milan” began to play. After the quarantine, the Rossoneri came back with a completely different team. Particularly strong “red-black” began to please the fans with interesting and creative game. Milan have become a single team. After the restart the “Rossoneri” had everything: weird draws, and heavy wins, and an incredible comeback. But, more importantly, the “red-black” have not lost a single match after the restart of the season. They flew out of the Italian Cup, but in the second match played against Juventus in a 0-0 draw.

Thanks to the successful results of “Milan” entered in the place, and now firmly claim to a place in the Europa League. Pioli actually did not complete it tasks, but received a new contract. Gazidis realized that in the current environment to change the coach is not the best idea. First, Pioli less demanding. Second, Rangiku had a lot of money. The “Rossoneri” and so the financial situation was not very good, but during the crisis the club has gone even worse.

Gazidis instantly “change,” saying that initially relied on Pioli. Gendir Milan have expressed admiration for the work of the coach, noting that he deserved a new contract before the restart of the season. Coach of “red and black”, certainly understands that the words of his boss are not worth a penny. As soon as the team will start the decline, the user will immediately begin to look for a new coach. But the Italian still re-signed the contract again and put themselves on a powder keg hidden under the coaching bench of the Rossoneri.

What awaits Milan on with Pioli?

First thing: most of the restructuring is canceled. Pioli relies on players that are effective here and now. Specialist has notified the club about the need to save a Hakan Çalhanoğlu. The Turks are very good. He scored 5 goals and gave 7 assists in 10 appearances in Serie A after the restart. Çalhanoğlu is one of the best playmakers of the team. The player has a 1 year contract with the club, so leaders need to act.

Certainly, in the offseason, Milan will be working in order to redeem Ante Rebić. Horvath helps the team on account of his 5 goals and 2 assists after the restart. Simon Kjaer the Rossoneri have already bought from Sevilla for 3.5 million euros. In addition, in the camp of “red-black” certainly is the team captain Alessio Romagnoli, who in the spring was interested in other clubs.

Milan suppresses all the attempts of other clubs to sign teo Hernandez. The Rossoneri believe the Frenchman is one of the best players on the team. Pioli also believes Rafael Leão. The Italian hopes that next season his ward will come to a new level. Mentor of “Milan” wants to keep Zlatan Ibrahimovic, whose contract with the club expires at the end of the season. By the way, the extension of the contract with Pioli increases the chances of the Rossoneri to the signing of the Swede.

Gazidis wanted to rejuvenate the squad, but it would be foolish to abandon Ibrahimovic. First, Zlatan along with Pioli restored order in the dressing room. Secondly, it benefits the team and on the field. On account of the Swede’s 4 goals and 3 assists in 8 games after the restart – a good indicator for the 38-year-old striker.

Twitter Milan. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Big personnel losses Milan have not expected. The Rossoneri released Suso to Sevilla and, according to the media, put up for transfer David Calabria. It is known that the club will leave Giacomo Bonaventura, but it’s to be expected – the role of midfielder on the pitch has declined substantially with the advent of Pioli. While this is all the players who may leave Milan in the offseason. Ibrahimovic remains in question, but even if the Rossoneri lose and Swede, then try to sign Mario Mandzukic.

Pioli would mainly work with those players he has than save the budget manual. Specialist never been the ability to build teams from scratch. The Italian is more suitable to the current situation – to bring to mind promising but dispersed team. Will Pioli in Milan after 2022 – the big question. Italian does not apply to the type of trainers of which take in the future.

Pioli never stayed longer than 3 years. Besides, he didn’t win anything on a serious level. The “Rossoneri” ambitious plans and goals. Pioli is an experienced coach, but nobody knows how much is enough quality in his team. Current “Milan” can be called a contender for the Champions League, but there is no guarantee that next season on the course, “red-black” are also good.

In principle, Pioli to bring the Rossoneri in the Champions League. In Italy there are not so much stable teams, so the “red-black” you can fight for a place in the top four. As for the coach, in this respect there are doubts. Despite the contract extension, Pioli still doesn’t seem like the person who will return the Rossoneri to the top of Italian football. He’s just not that professional. But to think about it and it is early. Goal AC Milan for next season – the Champions League, and the team over there will lead her current coach.

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