Personal experience: Alla kostromicheva said that helped her get rid of the problems with the skin

The face is the first thing that we notice when meeting a man. And largely it depends on how it is well maintained, depends on the first impression of others. But what to do with problem skin, which causes discomfort to many girls and not getting any better even after using the most expensive beauty products? The answer to this question knows the supermodel and host of project “Top model in you’ll” (New channel) Alla Kostromicheva.

“If you have skin problems, first and foremost, you need to check hormones. Be sure to consult with your doctor. Personally helped me a lot birth control pills* in the period when I had big problems with the skin. No extra weight and other side effects not followed, you just need to choose the right pills. In hormone therapy there is nothing terrible — it is a common stereotype.”

On the way to ideal skin should also review their habits and diet.

“99% of the condition of your skin depends on what you have inside. I.e., whether you eat, do not clog up the body stuff, do you consume fast food and alcohol. Also on the skin affected by intolerance to certain foods, e.g. gluten-free,” said Alla.

*Before you start taking any drug, consult your doctor.

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