Personal art Studio and a Golden bath: Kendall Jenner showed the interior of his house in Los Angeles


24-year-old Kendall is already several years actively working as a model and during that time she managed to acquire and equip a private home in Los Angeles, which previously belonged to Charlie sheen. How she lives, Jenner showed edition of Architectural Digest, the journalists who were visiting her before the quarantine. As a result of the visit was the September cover of the magazine!

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Publication from Kendall (@kendalljenner) 29 Jul 2020 7:45 PDT

The interior of the house Kendall Jenner was responsible designers Kathleen and Tommy Clements, collectively known by the decorator Waldo Fernandez. They noted that Kendall originally wanted to arrange accommodation in a warm and soothing tones, and also add picture of interesting art objects. So in her house there was a door hand-painted Italian panels 18th century, antique Turkish carpet and several paintings and sculptures of famous masters.


In addition, the Kendall house has its own art Studio, pool, large kitchen and a dressing room.

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Publication from Architectural Digest (@archdigest) 29 Jul 2020 10:13 PDT

“I’m really proud of what we have achieved. This is the first house I have completed and I think it perfectly captures my essence. But, in any case, I’m still a young girl from Los Angeles that loves to have fun,” — said Kendall in an interview.



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