Permission for online sale of medicines has received 70 pharmacies

At the moment the permission for remote trade in drugs received 70 pharmacies, said the head of Roszdravnadzor Alla Samoilova at a press conference in TASS.

According to her, there was a total of 156 applications for obtaining permission for the remote sale of medicines, but 74 applications were rejected. “By and large, all entities on the territory of the Russian Federation, declared on remote trade,” said Samoylova.

The main requirements for obtaining permission are the organization has a license, at least ten points of dispensing drugs, and not necessarily in the same city, as well as the site where shall be indicated the drugs prescribed especially the implementation of trade, and other criteria. “To date, mostly failures were associated with the mismatch site, because there are certain requirements. Once the website is given to regulatory requirements, by and large failures will be less,” said Samoylov, however, she noted that the law also aims to combat the gray market.

“The patient who wishes to purchase a drug that should clearly go to the site, to see if there is permission from this pharmacy, which is issued by Roszdravnadzor. If on the website it is present, then it is proof that this pharmaceutical organization has permission. If this permission is not on the official page, it’s a sign to the patient that this organization is best avoided. And today we’re talking about selling drugs OTC profile. If suddenly pharmacy organization to sell prescription drugs, drugs psychotropic drugs, then it should alert a patient today”, she added.

The head of Roszdravnadzor also noted that to discuss the question of expanding the list of best-selling drugs in distance format will be in six months. “As soon as we work out this period the prescription, we will fulfill all positive and negative sides, only then we can talk about expanding that list. To date, this months to work out all the points, and after six months we are ready to return to full discussion and analysis of what is happening”, she concluded.

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