Perfume US company has developed a Cologne with the scent of outer space

As reported by CNN, CEO of Omega Ingredients Steve Pearce is working on the creation of the perfume “Eau de Space” with the smell of space. With this unusual project is available on Kickstarter, where about 4700 showed the interest of the subscribers have already collected 194 000 dollars.

In the experiments the Pier brought out a product, it is far from the usual perfume. Moreover, he is most similar to “bouquet” of smells of sweat, fluids, nail Polish remover and gasoline. It is known that in 2008, pierce was even in talks with NASA about restoration of the space smells with the aim of adapting to future astronauts.

According to a former NASA astronaut Tony Antonelli, “the Smell of space was strong and unique. Nothing like it on Earth I felt. Hardly a day now passes that I don’t remember this smell.”

Something similar was experienced by other astronauts. In particular, the first female ISS commander Peggy Whitson reported that she felt “the smell of space was bitter with the taste of smoke and combustion”, and her colleague Thomas Jones found that the space gives off a “smell of sulphur”.

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