Passions are: Kylie Jenner is Dating ex-boyfriend of her sister Kendall

Recently in a press there were conversations about Kendall Jenner new boyfriend and, apparently, she has completely forgotten about past relationships. But completely obliterate the former of his life, the model failed, as the days with him was seen by her sister Kylie.

The weekend’s paparazzi have sfotografirovala Kylie Jenner with the Palestinian male model named FAI Khadra, a couple with whom Kendall went to the wedding of Hayley Bieber with Justin.

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Publication from Kendall (@kendalljenner) 1 Oct 2019 7:04 PDT

Now Fay is walking through the streets of Los Angeles with her younger sister. At the weekend they were seen at dinner at the restaurant Nobu, after which the couple went to a night club. The photo clearly shows that Kylie is holding the guy by the arm that fuels the rumors about their relationship.

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The publication from the Daily Mail (@dailymail) 8 Jun 2020 12:11 PDT

Besides Kylie and Faya, we see not for the first time: winter star posted on his Instagram them a picture together. So the rumors about their affair very similar to the truth.

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Publication from Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Dec 15, 2019 in 2:10 PST

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