Panoramic display Brelyon will create the illusion of a giant screen

The kind of immersive displays is represented by IMAX screens, headsets virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR). However, all these modern technologies are not without drawbacks. So, for example, wearing augmented reality glasses with a weight of 200 grams within a few hours onerous.

Electrical engineer Barmak Heshmat, one of the founders of the company for the production of displays Brelyon (USA) together with their colleagues developed a new pilot displays measuring 13 x 30 inch, the image which will be perceived as an image with a screen diagonal of 122 inches from a distance of 140 cm With each of the displays provides an immersive picture with wide review of 101 degrees and a resolution from 4K to 8K.

As reported in Brelyon, at the time, as usual direct displays a flat image on the audience, their screens create a three-dimensional scene, recreating a field of light rays, which move from each point and in each direction in three-dimensional space.

Display Brelyon is curved both vertically and horizontally. This leads to the fact that the layers of light that it emits, overlap in space in front of the display where the users reside.

According to Heshmat, the curvature of the display increases the angles of light projection on the viewer. This, in turn, increases the field of view that creates the illusion of a big screen.

The key advantage of screen Brelyon over conventional monitors is that it takes up much less space than multiple monitors, but also creates a strong effect of immersion. Its advantage over VR and AR is the best quality image and no need to use bulky head units.

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