Pandemic COVID-19. Lukashenko said that the countries of the West have gone the way of Belarus, and “slowly opened”

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during the meeting said that the authorities have chosen this method of dealing with the spread of coronavirus infection, to the preservation of life and health of people to continue the economic activity in the state. A transcript of the meeting released by the press service of the President.

He noted that “this approach” people can continue to work or to look for new places for employment.

Lukashenko stressed that during all the time of the epidemic in Belarus is not closed.

“We didn’t close, and no one was restricted. We just warn people: take care of yourself,” he said.

He expressed the opinion that the method of Belarus on response to coronavirus is already used by other States.

“The situation in Belarus today, with viruses and other diseases, which we have enough and enough tolerant. We are not saying that we are fine, we are already God’s beard took. No. But the method which we use for the third month, brings the result. And that way, this way took advantage of this and other States. Look at Western countries, slowly opened, began to work the economy and millions of people. And while the death rate per day exceeds all deaths in Belarus during these three months,” – said Lukashenko.

He believes that Belarus showed a “friendly” Russia, which runs the economy after the quarantine.

The President of Belarus laid the responsibility for the lives of people in the period of epidemic to physicians.

“We treat people, we will see what will happen next. But I want due to the fact that I raised this issue strongly to warn that all head responsible for the mortality. All of these indicators, davidovskii and even pneumoniae, how many of us there yesterday were today, and what performance is all gone it will be forgotten. But lost the people we could save, but not saved, it will remain. Train it is necessary to demand from the Ministry of health and doctors save people’s lives,” – said Lukashenko.

During the epidemic of Belarus has not closed its borders, not to stop the operation of businesses, shops, food establishments and education. Also, there is no ban on mass gatherings, despite the fact that the experts of the world health organization urged the authorities to introduce restrictive measures.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, as of today, there are infected 23 906 people died 135.

Belarusian opposition journalists believe that the official statistics on COVID-19 in the country unreliable.

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