Owners of 3D printers ready to print scarce medical components

Engineering contract company CML AT Medical and national community of owners of 3D printers 3DToday has launched a nationwide project operational 3D printing scarce plastic components and other medical devices to assist doctors in the fight against coronavirus COVID-19. RUSNANO group fully support this project and urge you to join the initiative and to unite efforts of all participants of the market of 3D printing.

CML AT Medical, specializing in the design of medical devices, has designed and manufactured a batch of prototyping adapters for valves of the ventilator and protective flaps and handed them over for testing. The company is ready to accept orders for needed medical products to quickly design and verify the 3D model and in cooperation with 3DToday and the entire community of 3D printers to transfer them to the nearest 3D printing throughout Russia.

The project was born in response to the sharply increased needs of medical workers to combat coronavirus infection. “In recent weeks we have encountered a large number of similar requests from physicians who were asked to develop and produce disposable adapter for filters in the ventilator screens and facial masks, – said Director General of the CML AT Medical Jan Chekrizova. – After we spent the first stage of this work – gave 50 guards and 20 adapter for testing, it became clear that we need to scale our experience. Therefore we supported the initiative of the community 3DToday to combine the efforts of 3D printers across the country. For its part, will lay out in open access all newly created 3D model with description of print modes and materials.”

RUSNANO group is ready to connect a 3D-printed power of the entire network of nanotechnology centers of the Fund of infrastructure and educational programs. “Contract services “Technopark” are ready to quickly produce the necessary details for effective work of doctors in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, – said Oleg Lysak, Director of contract operations of the Group of companies “Technopark”, also included in the network of nanocenters RUN. – The possibilities of additive manufacturing for medicine extensive: it is possible to produce plastic and metal parts for repair of medical equipment, customized products to adapt devices to work in the system.” Oleg Lysak hoped that a joint initiative of the CML AT Medical and 3DToday open for domestic clinical medicine is clearly underestimated its possibilities of 3D-printing and this will allow additive technologies into everyday life of doctors.

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