Overlooked over the observance of quarantine in the country and he broke it. In New Zealand, the Minister of health has resigned

Health Minister of New Zealand David Clarke resigned on Thursday, July 2, after the institutions to pass the quarantine was discovered security issues. It is reported Reuters.

Care Clark also followed criticism in connection with his personal violations of the quarantine restrictions in the beginning of the year. He was criticized because he took your family on a bike ride to the beach during the quarantine. For this he was subsequently, in April downgraded in rank.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, previously refused to dismiss Clark’s appeal, citing its crucial role in the country’s response to the pandemic, said that she agreed with his decision.

As noted by Reuters, this is the second resignation in the government of Prime Minister Ardern over the last year and a half. In September 2020, the country faces General elections.

April 27 the New Zealand authorities declared about overcoming the epidemic of the coronavirus. During the week before that, the country recorded less than 10 new cases daily. In connection with the improvement of the epidemiological situation on 28 April in New Zealand quarantine were weakened with maximum fourth level to the third.

8 Jun New Zealand decided to remove all restrictions, as in the country there was no active case COVID-19.

As of 2 July in the country suffer COVID-19 18 people, one of them is in the hospital. The country was confirmed 1180 cases, 22 of them ended in death.

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