Orlusha of Ephraim haters: Shut up, you Pharisees! You silly to talk about the fact that “he who is without sin”

Russian poet Andrei Orlov (Orlusha) expressed the view that people are condemning the perpetrators of fatal accident the actor’s “drunk and junkie” Michael Ephraim, are “not without sin”.

“Don’t ask me why I did not react to the incident with Ephraim. Don’t ask why I don’t condone or condemn it. Unlike most commentators of the incident, I’ve known Mike a lot more than 40 years. Close. Ever since then, when he wanted to be a giant. I saw him, believe me,every. Beautiful and ugly, great and low, smart and dumb, talented and untalented. Never have I seen Ephraim petty, greedy, cowardly or deceitful. No-when. I saw him forgetting the name of him and me, and friends, loved ones, and his own father. Let someone from frolicking now memoirists say that with him (not with Ephraim, and with him) this did not happen. I’ve seen him in situations where he, Mike, performed the noblest deeds “just” for fun. For fun, by definition, impossible and unimaginable to the majority of those who today remembers “Efremov courage”. You, Loon, inaccessible,” wrote the poet on his page in Facebook.

He noted that he was buried with Ephraim many friends who died from drugs and alcohol.

“If I could fly somewhere near Komarovo into a ravine in someone’s drunk “penny”? Definitely. Could Efremov forehead is weird in that Thursday head on grey St. Petersburg curb? Without question, more than once. It is not necessary here about God, God or God. We have them all three were also on the drum as they are to us. What will be will be! *bis horse! And suddenly: eboz! Efremov is a killer! Here, news! Oh*et! Really, BL*th, a drunkard and a drug addict? Prodigy, bitch, the first and most terrible in the whole of Russia! It! In! All! Guilty! Among us, silk and plush bunnies, ever-anywhere-ever-no-one-only-with-wife-and-that-one-time-cocaine, had suddenly formed a monster! Shut up the Pharisees! You silly to talk about the fact that “he who is without sin”. Happy to take your stones, and with laughter, because without the right you throw them!” – posted by Orlusha.

He stressed that he was very sorry for Sergei Zakharov, who was killed under the wheels of cars Ephraim.

“A terrible thing happened. But not “terrible terrible”, and the ordinary Russian is terrible. Daily, it is unnecessary to lie to yourself, no surprise,” added the poet.


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