One of a kind limousine Learjet goes up for auction

The most popular two types of transport favoured by millionaires – private jets and limousines. Learmousine is a bizarre combination of both. Very soon he will be put on auction where the owners of tight wallets will be able to compete in its ambitions to become its owner.

Length Learmousine 12.7 m, width – 2,3 m. It accommodates 20 passengers and the driver, equipped with an engine Chevrolet Vortec V-8 with a volume of 8 liters and a power of 400 HP Transport equipped with a special 28-inch red-and-black Diablo wheels, shod in rubber Kumho 325/25R28.

It was designed in 2005 by Dan Harris from the city of bend, Oregon and was a real aluminum fuselage of the Learjet, which was then converted into a limousine by the Chicago firm Exotic Coach. Currently the car belongs to the company’s Chicago Jettersetter Inc, which in early summer is going to put it up for auction.

Street cars “car” has a steel skeleton frame, custom system steering and brake power. On the development and construction of its rear engine compartment, transmission, suspension, electrical equipment and computer systems took 2 years.

In “inheritance” from the plane he left the tail (horizontal stabilizer which can be folded for Parking in narrow spaces), together with the nacelles of jet engines on both sides.

In the cabin installed leather seats with diamond-shaped embroidery and an entertainment system Showtime Audio power 17 kW with a 42-inch plasma TV, several lighting panels and the plurality of speakers.

The driver’s area comes with a comfortable bucket seat with safety belt. The instrument panel is trimmed in red carbon fiber and is equipped with four screens to the external cameras.

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