On Twitch appeared peaceful stream, entirely devoted to the animals

Canadian artist Julie Lauryn recently launched in Twitch for a live stream, devoted to microscopic eight-legged animals – animals. But that’s exactly what we need in this difficult time.

The stream is part of the project Julie “Tiny world” that explores of microscopic life around us. “Telling about this journey into the microcosm, I hope to inspire someone to purchase their own microscope, or simply begin to pay more attention to little things around us,” she says.

But where lureen finds all these creatures? The pieces of land on the balcony. “Hundreds and hundreds of animals live on my balcony, and I think they thrive in thin, brownish-green mud, which was formed in recent years, due to a malfunction of the drain system,” writes Lorin on Twitter.

First discovered by biologists in the late 1700-ies, tardigrades is a tiny microvote, which can be found in a variety of biomes: from the ocean to the sand dunes. It is extremely hardy creatures able to survive in the vacuum of space, to adapt to severe dehydration and even acute flares of radiation. Although, according to recent studies, they have their own Achilles heel, global warming may destroy them.

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