On the Russian market cost of the drugs increased by 8-24%

For the year weighted average cost per package of domestic drugs increased by 23.8% to 115 rubles, the price of imported drugs rose 7.5 percent to 381 rubles per pack. This is evidenced by data of DSM Group, which acquainted “Izvestia”.

Against the background of increasing the cost of drugs has increased and the revenues of pharmacies: in the first half of the retail market has sold drugs on 557,9 billion. This is 13.9% more than in the same period a year ago. In volume terms sales in January-June is estimated at 2.6 billion packages, it is only 3.1% more than in the first half of 2019. This difference in the growth indicators can provide an increase in drug prices or shift in demand towards larger packs.

“Here we see the effects of the depreciation of the ruble and the impact of the pandemic, demand for protection and prevention. But there are other reasons. It is a factor which the consumers panic, speculative demand and procurement for the future”, — said the Professor of the Department of trade policy of REU them. G. V. Plekhanov And Vyacheslav Cheglov.

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