On state radio ignore and hide the situation in Khabarovsk. The absolute era of the Soviet Union

A-ha-ha! Now, I listened to public radio “Vesti FM”. They reported the arrival in Khabarovsk the Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation Yuri Trutnev.

Guess why here arrived the envoy? Study increased the risk of infection in connection with the coronavirus! The country will assist the Khabarovsk! Send 90 additional ambulances (with bars on the Windows and nurses from Rostov, I thought).

“In Khabarovsk, continues leading the news – because coronavirus is still on a regime of isolation for the elderly, are only open terraces and prohibited events”.

And that’s all. They’re prohibited, then they are not there. Everything in Habarovske there is a virus. The absolute era of the Soviet Union on the part to shut up and hide. Except for the fact that the Soviet Union was one button, and there are many others. On the radio. On TV and now one. As part of the protests – the only one. “They are not there”.

Source: Elena Rykovtseva / Facebook

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