On an American military base in Japan, an outbreak of coronavirus

American soldiers at the airbase, located on the Japanese island of Okinawa, are in the isolation mode in the outbreak of coronavirus infections, reports CNN.

According to data of the authorities of Okinawa Prefecture, in the afternoon of 13 July, there are 98 employees of military bases who test positive for coronavirus. The island COVID-positive status have 148 people.

The TV channel notes that from 1 may to 7 July in Okinawa were not recorded new cases of the disease. In all likelihood, coronavirus, were brought from U.S. military planes, and then spread around the island.

The isolation of military personnel implies that they are forbidden to leave the location part, exercise in the fresh air and take a vacation. Newly arrived soldiers and officers sent to the 16-day visual observation.

The exact number of cases among the personnel of the command of the U.S. air force not reported. On the site of the largest air base Kadena, where he served about 18 thousand American soldiers and officers said of the “many positive tests”.

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