Olexandr SHOVKOVSKYI: “Blokhin was dismissed from the team three players”

The former goalkeeper of Ukraine Olexandr shovkovskyi has told how the team’s head coach Oleh Blokhin has expelled three players in qualification for the 2006 world Cup.

“At that time, the team wanted to come, perhaps more than ever. I immediately had normal, smooth relationship with the new coaching staff. The team had great atmosphere, was a mutual trust and respect. Blokhin was able to ask and demand from the players, but it was quite comfortable for all of us surroundings.

However, the descent of the mentor is not allowed. We had a few incidents. In front of one of the most important games the coach was expelled three players for the conduct of, shall we say, inappropriate representatives of a national team. The whole team, led by veterans, came to Oleg Blokhin with a request to reconsider the decision. Coach liked it, but he was unshakable,” — said Shovkovskiy.

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