Oleksandr SOPKO: “This is a severe blow to development. But children’s health is more important”

President of youth football League of Ukraine Oleksandr Sopko , commented on the decision to cancel all events until September.

“The decision was difficult, still in childhood, there is a growth in the development of the player. If the adult has already achieved a peak of development in children’s football every month means a lot. Retiring from this process for six months is a severe blow to development. Very hard all survive, but the health and future of children is more important. Therefore, the decision is made we go on the advice of UEFA and the Ministry of health with regards to children’s football. It was decided to consider the season unfinished due to force majeure.

We’re going to reform and add a third League. We will not have flying, and rising in class teams. We split all three of the League. In children’s football is not the most important thing to be a winner in 14, 15, 16 or 17 years old. The main task — to maintain health and to educate the future of our football. The question of the award “Golden ball youth League” we’ll discuss it. I hope the new season will begin in September, and the first part will end by the end of the year. May be, in its results, we identify our best players.

In adult football clubs for much less and they are better prepared financially. The journeys they plan to make the three buses. Little League is not pull. Adult football is more stable and more confident on his feet. I hope that we will find the format to finish the championship, and there were no disputes or claims,” said Sopko.

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