Oleksandr Kochergin vigra first stage of the Cup of Ukraine strongman zi

First stage of the Cup of Ukraine, scho yea vdmk to Turro “Nisrine person of Ukraine”, vdbase from the framework of the festival “Svitava Neskorenykh”. Tsey nclusive Zahid strongman Federation of Ukraine vzhe organsof other year popl, perevertyshi suspilstva pay attention to to the problems veterans national vizualno wine the people s nally, vodnochas simoudis rehabiltate CIR of osobistosti. Pid hour festival vabolis zmahannya s volleyball sedentary, a press lying, strli s Luke, stevanna kernel that veluvana on trenazher “Concept 2”, and takozh psihologom lecz FTEs Meister-clasie.

And strongman-turn becoming a consequence, for veterans ATO that adaptivnykh atletu of posterity for scavini protestante silac, Sered yakih one iz Golovnin favoritw CCB chernuchy Oleksandr Kochergin, yaky z 2014 boronow Nezalezhnist Ukrainy have skladi Dobrovolskogo the battalion uprodovzh rock, after the chogo powernoise to the sport.

Transformation zmagan

Pandemic coronavirus rsquo scrotie sporting calendar, vidtak Federation strongman psla to pewno transformation smahane, Ob dnwsi vdbr turni have Visi the Perche Lgah. In Etap Cup of Ukraine took the fate of 16 Atleti, yaki spochatku vistupili have three qualia the right. After Bogatyr tsogo Boule rozden on TV a groupie: sstka nycrama vicinale d discipline for program Vido Play, and rest ten strongmen slagalica have the same right, ale o mensou the váh – respectively to the rules Perso Play.

Krasinski HD Kocherga

Oleksandr Kochergin odrazu W oznaci his peremogu over himi. Lachey at Perche upraw – “Estafet” (trich perekinuty wheel 320 kg TA carry the weight “Roll” to 180 kg to 10 meters) VIN postupitsya is 0.44 seconds Volodymyr. – inform. the. Luv Yanin spawn vigarista his itransit shvidki have kandovan pokryshki the Vaga 320 kg in chomu VIN , champion of Ukraine. Have two nsic disciplne – perenesen 130-klerambo colony on 40 meters (the”Island-CROs”) that estafet “Log-lift” (pocelovala pdiam three decks 100, 120 TA 140 kg two times per 1 chwilio) – Kochergin not Bulo runic. In “Island-cross” cernowain by 2.61 seconds piperidin najblizszego Pereslav Andra Kosovskogo, and the “Log LFT” becoming denim hto sumv sdisney VSI SST of zaplanowana pdiow decks. Iz previou in 6 s half the ball over nayblyzhchym rival, Oleksandr vigra qualit.

Top SST iz surprises

And from borotba for SSTU Villa doval gastrow. Sugauchi on those scho have zakljucni vpriv qualis (“Log-lift”) odrazu four Atleti sdisney on p’yat sumarna pdiow decks, and six nsic – by Vier, otvorila the difference as much as 5 points mizh Eyad groups strongmen. Nails od tsogo postradal Denis Bereznik, that utrativ sama Taku ochkova Periago on a Novel Srbinovo: krivoriz naslovna hostnine in General Salco I proykov to fnalu for rakhunok vidago msca in okremi uprav. Denis, Natali, zalishivsya from other group, utrativshie mozliwosci poborolis for salcow Bali before rating ugboro on “Nasilno Ladino”. Taco W newdec satnav I bronzovy medalist national championship supertech Bogdan Senchuk: nado Bulo bagato utrachena in “Island Cross” (lachey 11 the meeting place). P’yat pdiow decks not given to Bogdan features of vibralite the situation I povernuti sobi meeting place in ELT.

At the same time, it is worth noting stable vikonannya athlete s Krasnohrad, scho on Harkin, Andrea Anania, that proykov to fnalu s another result, that Andrea Dmitra z Sum (third pokaznyk). 4-5 msca razdelili Volodymyr Klimko that Andriy Kaszubski. For Volodymyr – TSE vikonannya the challenge – least, and from Andrew dosehow seryozno strap, after somw Danute ago potuznik supertags, webrowse the meeting place at fnal.

Kochergin declas opponents

Zabezpechiti sobi bike Periago qualit, Oleksandr Kochergin not becoming skidati of oberti, vpevneno migrasi TV faln right. Sashko the beginning of rozwarzewska s opponent. Yogo Peremoga over nayblyzhchym Pereslav Ananim the “Regulants farmer” put she her of 14.28 seconds!

And zakljucni – “TAS platform 300 kg” – Kochergin not supinus, pokey not pereversev one pdiam result of Roman Sarmanova (11 RSV), Hoch for Peremogi in General Salco yomu was pistachio b Safat Wagyu vsogo leash once! Benzapirene triumph veteran ATO patberg Yogo castolon Plagne for the season – Oleksandr vzhe wyborowa “sriblo” y “bronze” to “Nicolini Ladin”. Hour zamahnutsja on the head title?

Smirnov on itself the attention of every Andrew Ananov, that uprodovzh osogo zmahannya vpevneno isow on the other posit I don’t VDDA “sriblo” until the completion turnrow. A “bronze” sumv vidyapati Volodymyr Klimko: one uspsa pull 300 crogram became luvsgaga lamosa prize. At the same hour “bagel” Andra Dmitra vdbiol Yogo s third msca on yakomu VIN “basebase” right up to zakljucno right. Roman Sarmanov, votre showing the class the “grandfather LFT” for rakhunok chogo Abishov I Dmitra, I Kosovskogo, pensavalle have pasemko will chetverti.

Persha Liga – supertag zabirayte all

At First Ls presova Trika salicylate for “superteam”, mizh yakimi tokimasa gastro borotba. Have bit two Bogdans Ksenchuk vigra have Saved only half the ball. Trem becoming Denis Bereznik, that razahova of Marostica potent uprodovzh season. Sakugawa on the good word najlepsi athlete Sered uchasnikiv – Vasil Oleynikov z Hermansen, that view from the past tyzhden becoming the champion of Ukraine at waguli category up to 95 kg Vasil stosowana not have borotbi s masivni monsters have chotiroh z n yati has the right to uwisconsin to vsci nycrama. The fourth meeting place at Salco Perso Play not zadowolenia athlete from the Steppe, but showed his potential.

Oleksander GLIVINSKI

Photo Anna BELSKA

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