Oleksandr ALIYEV: “I Raised a hand to his ex-wife. Why not?”

35-year-old ex-player of Kiev “Dynamo” and national team of Ukraine on football Aleksandr Aliev told about why he raised a hand to his ex-wife.

“I raised a hand. Why not? Raised on his ex-wife. It was. There was a scandal in the house. I never started the scandal. Always believed that it is better to understand, to speak, not to wash dirty linen in public. But she climbed up to me and claws scratched his face. The next day I go to the base. I make money, bring home. And the boys and coaches they see right away that my face is scratched up. Why go and wave my arms? And then tell that I raised my hand. Not I myself came up, and when she started the scandal. That’s all.

Everyone can relax, sit somewhere and just relax. But when you come with a scratched neck or with a scratched face? The boys bullied me, why do I need it? Although she knew perfectly well that I have training or something.

Yes, I raised a hand, but a slap in the face to give the bream, not more. Still she continued to climb, I don’t hide it was. But I never started first. Except his wife’s hand had not been raised,” — said Aliyev.

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