Oleg GUSEV: “On the Faroe Islands fly specially trained pilots”

Former Ukraine midfielder Oleh Husiev has shared his memories of the match against the Faroe Islands.

“In early February, the team played a friendly in Israel, but the topic of the winter friendlies we have already discussed for me, not too informative. At the end of March we waited for paired matches with Faroe Islands and Lithuania. A visit to the outsider of the group remembered, I think, to many. The flight there is a separate story. There aircraft operated only by specially trained pilots. When the Board, making a certain maneuver, passed between the rocks, it was fun (smiles). I held tight to the handrails, but the window looked. Country there is, of course, beautiful. Would not then this match, who knows would have hit these Islands or not. While in Europe, probably not so many countries where I was not. I think on the fingers of one hand to count. The fight, incidentally, is also remembered because he scored a goal. We won 2:0. The account was opened by Vladimir Ezersky, and I doubled after a fine pass from Andriy Voronin. Scored not working, and the left leg. In the next match, when in Odessa against Lithuania successfully struck his head. We had enough chances, but finished modestly — 1:0. By the way, I played with the game a little spoiled statistics on standards. Although on the corner and free kicks in the national team a lot. At feeding fled, mainly to the near post,” said Gusev.

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