Offshore platforms Sinn Power to extract energy from the wind, water and sun at the same time

The German company Sinn Power has introduced the concept of a universal ocean power generator in the form of a floating platform with three components. First – float system for extracting wave energy. In the second place solar panels, completes the list of kit small wind turbines. The system is modular and can be used in different weather and always have the opportunity to receive energy from at least one source.

Heart generator – float system, it is still the only one that is embodied in reality. As planned by engineers heavy platform has a very small positive buoyancy, so when you hit the waves it is almost not shifted, and all the energy goes into moving the floats. The amplitude of their movements up to 3 m, so the system collects the energy of the waves from 2 to 6 m tall, making the movement of floats to generate electricity. Namely, up to 24 kW from each of the float on the same section of the platform, but that’s in ideal conditions.

Each section is a square with sides 12 m, the corners of which are mounted the floats (underwater) and the masts of the wind turbines (above the water). The latter can produce up to 6 kW in the same conditions as floats. The whole area of the section allotted space for the placement of solar panels, which will provide another 20 kW of power. These sections can be combined in arbitrary amounts, depending on the needs of consumers who place far out to sea and transfer energy to the shore by cable.

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