OFFICIALLY. The Italian championship will resume in June

Thursday took place the meeting of the leaders of the championship of Italy, the country’s sports Minister, football Federation and the players Association.

The parties agreed medical Protocol that allows clubs of the championship of Italy to resume the Series season A. the Season will be resumed on 20 June.

On the 13th of June, the Federation plans semifinal matches of the Cup of Italy “Napoli” – “inter” and “Juventus” – “Milan”.

However, questions remain to medical Protocol. It States that in the case of one player all the members of his team who had contact with him should be isolated for 14 days. It is reported that the clubs will discuss this rule and hope to soften the terms, or is unlikely to finish the season.

In Germany adopted a Protocol where in case the player goes to quarantine, then as teammates can continue to work.

Earlier it was expected that Italy could be a big problem if the season is not finish, while Juventus, which has the advantage of 1 point over Lazio, will be called the champion. The Romans promised to go to court, if the Bianconeri will get the title without plays.

Among the top Champions have now returned to the Bundesliga. Spain and Britain plan to resume the season in June, and in France the season is finished will not.

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