OFFICIALLY. Formula 1 has imposed a limit on spending and new Aero rules

Formula 1 has officially announced that season 2021 series for the first time in its history introduces a ceiling on costs.

In 2021, it will reach 145 million for the season for each team. In 2022, the limit will drop to 140 million, and from 2023 to 2025 will amount to 135 million.

Previously in f-1 there were no restrictions on spending, and the top teams like Ferrari and Mercedes spend 350-400 million a year.

The ceiling on expenses do not include pilots ‘ salaries, salaries of top management and the costs of the construction of the engines. F-1 expects that it will increase competition, but also will give chance to small teams at least sometimes fight for podiums.

In addition, f-1 introduced the new aerodynamic rules.

The main point of the new Aero rules the following: in 2021 the lower the team finished the season in the constructors ‘ championship, the more time it will get to the development of the car in the wind tunnel.

This should not give the top teams every year to increase their isolation from medium and small teams. Outsiders will have more opportunities to improve their cars.

Season 2020, if it takes place, will be held under the old rules. Earlier, Formula 1 had expressed the desire to start in July.

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