Novel “pornocracy”. Akunin commented on the verdict of the Russian human rights activist Dmitriev

Living in UK Russian writer Boris Akunin (Grigory Chkhartishvili) said the accusations against the head of the Karelian branch of “memorial” Yuri Dmitriev false and fabricated. About this he wrote in Facebook.

“Dmitrieva was sentenced to three and a half years in prison. On charges one of the most heinous crimes. Charges false and fabricated. Everyone is happy that Yuri Alexeevich count already served ordeal and a half months was released, and in my opinion it makes the whole story even froze. The court knows that man is innocent and keep him in prison, but still zaspivam it with dirt,” said the moon.

The writer added that it was “the most disgusting thing in the [Russian] regime.”

“Those [the regime] doesn’t like, he tries to drag in the mud. One word – pornokratiya”, – concluded the moon.

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