Not to pay, enthusiast built his own Switch Nintendo from available parts

Nintendo Switch is very popular all over the world, but because of the situation with coronavirus access to it became restricted. The product still is in some stores, but many speculators decided to take a moment and raised prices. A user with the nickname sarbaaz37 resented this arrangement and argued with friends that will create your own version of the console.

For your project sarbaaz37 used a lot of parts that can be found in free access. All stages of Assembly, the inventor has recorded and posted on the website Imgur – but the process is not for the faint of heart. It will require a very decent knowledge of electronics and a bit of luck.

The whole project took about a month, most of the time spent searching for sellers with the cheapest parts and waiting for delivery from China. The total cost of components was $199, even cheaper than the regular version of the Nintendo Switch with no extra charge to the seller. The console feels good and can play most games available, although the appearance and creates a number of difficulties for young gamers.

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