No toilet paper, but there is a copy online: the surprises luxury bunker Suite

Until the fall, when the U.S. presidential elections are held, which have all chances to complete a new Civil war at hand. There is a risk that a disaster will take a global dimension, and therefore the interest of wealthy Americans once again turned to safe underground bunkers-shelters. Like for example, a condo Survival Condo 320 km from Kansas city, built during the Cold war, but recently upgraded to modern standards.

For life in a Survival Condo need a security Deposit of several million dollars and rent is $2500 per month. For the money you get a private apartment in one of the 15 underground floors and can not be afraid that the 12-kiloton nuclear bomb explode only 800 m away the three-meter walls of the bunker will hold. He is buried 60 meters under the ground and is protected from looters outside.

In the bunker five different sources of energy, including wind power on the surface. Here is your water source, plus the treatment plant, there is a big hydroponic plant for cultivation of fresh vegetables. Food supplies are not specified, but you can order something in advance if you have time.

Construction of the bunker during the Cold war

Membership in a condominium implies that your personal criteria will be created for you a set of copies of different sites so you can “use” the Internet in conditions when the real network is not available.

In the bunker there is a swimming pool with water slide and sauna, a climbing wall and a shooting range, a library and a cinema. There are classrooms for kids and a bar for adults. But what is not is toilet paper. By calculations of organizers will have to hammer it the whole floor to be enough for everyone. So it is better to get used to a bidet, especially since the sewage is actively processed and cleaned on the inside farm.

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