Nikon invites you to a free online photography courses

Photography is able to capture a moment in time and tell a whole story with a single image. This is a relevant and fascinating hobby, even in our days, when everyone has their own camera in his pocket.

Since most of the world’s population is now under quarantine, people are suddenly faced with an abundance of free time. To spend it wisely and buy yourself a new hobby or hone an existing skill, Nikon offers almost a dozen free online courses that can be completed during April.

Video tutorials from 15 minutes to hours and cover a variety of topics for beginners and advanced photographers and videographers. The range of courses includes tips and tricks for photographing children and Pets, use flash, portrait photography, macro photography and creating music videos. And this is only a small part of the proposed content.

A big plus courses from Nikon is the fact that they don’t need a professional camera. A normal smartphone with an app for photography, allowing you to manually control the camera settings is all you need to learn the basics. But if you feel the desire to engage seriously in photography, ecommerce sites, like eBay, you can find quality used equipment for reasonable money.

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