NHL comes back immediately with the play-offs, what are we waiting for?

Already tired of the summer heat? Poslegarantiynyy sports world will soon be able to give you a refreshing coolness, is back in the NHL! The main hockey League of the world was on pause for three long months, but still decided on the format of the overtime of the season, which will return on 1 August.

The regular season finished ahead of schedule, season 2019/20 will be played immediately with the play-offs, which will take part in the classic 16, and 24 teams from 31. The four best teams of the conferences are already in the 1/8 finals, while the teams from 5th to 12th will play a series to three victories to form the usual mesh of the playoffs from 16 clubs.

In the East we will not see “Buffalo”, “new Jersey”, “Ottawa” and “Detroit”. The West dropped the “Anaheim”, “Los Angeles” and “San Jose”.

All matches poslegarantijnoe stage of the season will take two canadian cities – Toronto and Edmonton, and that means the Stanley Cup finals for the first time since 2011, will be held on canadian ice. Does this mean that Toronto and Edmonton will have an advantage? Not the fact, because the stadium will be empty, however, playing home to artists such as Oston Matthews and Conor McDavid can be an advantage.

In any case, analysts believe Parimatch and “maple leafs” and “oilers” contenders in the qualifying round series against the “Columbus” and “Chicago”, offering almost the same tempting odds for a victory of “Toronto” and “Edmonton” in the first matches – and 2,11 2,07.

Most in the preparation of extended grids of games on the flight was lucky “Montreal”, which is the percentage of possible points only 0,007% ahead of “Buffalo” and “new Jersey”. Perhaps the “Canadiens” will continue to carry on and on, because their win in the first match against “Pittsburgh” offered the highest ratio is 3.25. It is very unlikely that “penguins” will play a series, but a misfire will occur with high probability, and in this respect, the lovers risk it is logical to try it in the first match, when the teams will play for the first time after the huge downtime.

Of course, such a long break of the season makes any accurate predictions are almost impossible, it is clear that the best on the ice will be the teams that are better will hold a training camp before the resumption. Immediately to go into the playoffs very difficult.

In yet another confrontation between clubs of Canada and the United States, “Vancouver” – “Minnesota”, bet on of the founders of hockey. No wonder the NHL decided to hold the playoffs in Canada, where not so serious coronavirus rages in the cities there are no riots that regularly occur in the United States due to protests over racial inequality. In terms of peaceful preparation for the first game the Canucks look to be leaders, and we believe in their victory over the “Minnie” with a ratio of 2.37 in the main time or of 1.83 with overtime.

The confrontation between the canadian neighbors on the table “calgary” and “Winnipeg” looks fairly equal, and to speculate on the winner here – a thankless task. But by themselves, these rivals are rarely very productive, the last time these teams punched over the 5.5 already in 2018, I think, and the first after the quarantine, the match will be no exception. Our bet for this game – total is less than 5.5, the coefficient of 2.03.

Looks very intriguing series “Carolina” and “Rangers” who in the regular season managed to play four times, and all these meetings the team from new York won in regulation time (4:2, 3:2, 5:3 and 5:2). The “Rangers” at the time of stop of the season was inferior to the “Hurricanes” five of the League standings, which enabled it “Carolina” to be considered a leader for future meetings. We offer you along with the trend of face-to-face teams and put on win with overtime “new York Rangers” for of 2.07.

Extremely unstable, the islanders managed to start the season, but the team lost 7 games in a row before the quarantine. New Yorkers in rivals is also not brilliant “Florida”, which was a bit lower in the standings at the time of early stopping and thus lost all three head to match his future opponents (2:3 B, 1:2, 1:3). I believe in another win, “the Islanders” over the Panthers dropped to 1.87 (win the match).

And the last couple of qualifying rounds – “Nashville” – “AZ”. This confrontation at first glance seems quite unpredictable, but almost all statistical indicators “Predators” look a little better, “Coyotes”. The main advantage of “Nashville” is a regular experience in recent years in the playoffs, while for the “Arizona” participation in these games will be the first since the 2011/12 season when the club was still called “Phoenix coyotes”. Put on the passage, “Nashville” into the main draw of the playoffs for 1.7.

Looking forward to returning to the ice the best players in the world, who despite everything, will play maximally unpredictable Stanley Cup in 2020.

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