Next week as the U.S. air force will converge in a battle with artificial intelligence

Next week jet fighter under AI control will converge in the virtual air encounter with a U.S. air force pilot – and you can see the battle online.

The fight will be the culmination of the DARPA competitions AlphaDogfight, which is aimed at improving the combat AI. DARPA hopes that in the near future, algorithms will be able to take control over simple transactions, freeing up pilots for more important tasks – for example, to control swarms of drones.

Initially, the fight was confined to the three-day event, which was held in Las Vegas from 18 to 20 August. However, the epidemic COVID-19 forced DARPA to transfer all what is happening online.

Before AI champion will have the right to meet with a live pilot, the 8 finalists will have to beat five artificial intelligences, developed at the applied physics Laboratory of John Hopkins University (USA). Their task will be to recognize the weaknesses of their opponents and hide in their blind spot.

On the second day, participants will compete among themselves in the shootout. Four winners will play a series of duels, in which there will be only one party. That he will face as air force F16 fighter jet simulator. All matches will be visible in the network – for this you need to register on the website of the event. The USA-have in addition to fill out the request form DARPA.

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