Belgian Prince Joachim contracted the coronavirus at a party in Spain

Belgian Prince Joachim contracted the coronavirus after a party in Spain. It is reported BBC citing a statement by the Royal Palace. 28-year-old Joachim came to Spain to practice and in two days went to the South of the country, to Cordoba. Spanish media wrote, the party had 27 people, which is a violation of […]

The number of cases COVID-19 in Russia has exceeded 400 thousand

In recent days in Russia revealed 9268 cases COVID-19, died, 138. Thus, as of today the total number of cases in Russia is 405 843, according to the website “Separaration of the Russian Federation”. For the entire period of the pandemic recovered 171 883, died 4693. The largest number of patients identified in Moscow – […]

Protests in the United States. Three people shot

At least three people were killed amid protests in downtown Indianapolis (USA) on Saturday evening, may 30. It on a press-conferences were reported by the chief of police of Indianapolis Randal Taylor, notes CNN. According to him, at least three people were shot and one was killed. He also noted that the police are still […]

Riots in the United States. Curfew imposed in 25 cities in 16 States

In the United States because of the protests related to the murder of an African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis, curfew imposed in 25 cities in 16 States. On it informs TV channel CNN. The unrest lasted until this morning. Military National guard came in 12 States and the district of Columbia. According to the channel, […]

The time of the liftoff of SpaceX. Video

In a joint mission of NASA and SpaceX Crew Demo-2 participate the astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken. Day 31 may is scheduled to dock spacecraft with the International space station. The launch was supposed to take place may 27 at 16.33 local time (23.33 Kyiv time). The decision to cancel the adopted 16 minutes […]

The launch of SpaceX astronauts held

At 15.22 local time (22.22 Kiev) from the site LA-39 Space center in Florida (USA) launched the Falcon 9 rocket, which displays the orbit of the spacecraft Crew Dragon with two astronauts on Board. The stream of events leads to YouTube, the private company SpaceX providing launch contract with NASA. News is supplemented by

Yakut shaman TM recognized the threat to themselves and others – human rights

Russian shaman TM Alexander, medical Board Yakut mental hospital acknowledged dangerous for himself and others. On 30 may announced “MBH media” the human rights activist Alexey Pryanishnikov, who managed to contact Gabysheva. Pryanishnikov said that the conclusion about the dangers of TM medical Commission issued on an expedited basis after his rejection from admission. “According […]

A new record. Putin’s trust rating fell to 25% – poll

The level of trust the President of Russia Vladimir Putin fell to the lowest level. About this is evidenced by the results of a poll conducted by “Levada-center”. Answering the question: “Name five or six politicians whom you trust the most?”, 25% of respondents called the Putin’s name. In April 2020, 28% of respondents mentioned […]

Medical Association called on trump to cancel the decision about breaking up with who

In USA medical groups representing physicians, pediatricians and General practitioners, criticized the decision of President Donald trump to break off relations with the world health organization. According to doctors, so the United States will be more difficult to fight the pandemic coronavirus, informs television channel CNN. “The administration’s decision to trump about the release of […]

Taiwan abolished criminal liability for adultery

The constitutional court of Taiwan on Friday, 29 may, abolished criminal liability for adultery. It is reported Reuters. The constitutional court overturned the law on adultery, according to which persons who have sex with married or out of wedlock could face up to years in prison. According to the Secretary General of the Ministry of […]

Trump has banned entry to U.S. scholars and graduate students from China

The US President Donald trump has restricted entry into the United States scientists and graduate students from China “in order to protect the intellectual property and technology of the country.” About it it is spoken in published on may 29, the White house Bulletin. “President trump has issued a proclamation to restrict the entry of […]