An explosion in a restaurant in Japan: there are dead and wounded

In Fukushima Prefecture in northeast Japan on the morning of July 30, an explosion occurred in the restaurant. One person was killed and 18 others injured, according to Japanese news Agency Kyodo News with reference to local police and firefighters. According to the Agency, the explosion occurred in the city of Koriyama because of a […]

In Bosnia from the coronavirus died a member of the government

In Bosnia from coronavirus disease COVID-19 died, the Minister of veterans Affairs Salko of Bukurevac. It is reported by the Balkan service of”Radio Free Europe”. Becarevic was in a hospital in Sarajevo, it hooked up to the ventilator in the morning the day before death. He died on July 29. The officer was 53 years […]

Detained in Belarus fighters PMC “Wagner” is accused of preparing terrorist attacks

Detained on the territory of Belarus fighters of the Russian private military company “Wagner” is accused of preparing terrorist acts. This was after an urgent meeting with the presidential candidates in the Central election Commission of Belarus declared the state Secretary of the security Council Andrei Ravkov. Broadcast of the briefing led to radio Svaboda. […]

The internal Affairs Ministry claimed that the protests in Minsk were organized from abroad

The protests in Minsk were initiated through social networks and messengers from abroad. This opinion was expressed by first Deputy Minister of internal Affairs – the chief of criminal militia Gennady Kazakevich, the TV channel “Belarus 1” on July 29. “Those unauthorized socio-political events that took place in June and July this year, was initiated […]

The CEC is invited to meet presidential candidates

On the morning of July 30 presidential candidates of Belarus was invited to a meeting with the head of the CEC Lidia Yermoshina, at 8.55 candidates began to gather, it is reported For some reason, candidates invited to the CEC, they don’t know. First the meeting was attended by Sergey Caraceni, he suggested that […]

To the capital of Belarus deploying military equipment

In the capital of Belarus pull together the military after Minsk detained the 32 Russian fighters. This July 29, reports the Telegram-channel NEXTA Live. “Today we received a few dozen reports that in Minsk and, accordingly, in Minsk was moving a considerable amount of equipment with military”, – stated in the message. It is noted […]

In Belarus detained the analyst Shklyarov

Belarusian political analyst Vitali Shklyarov was detained. This July 29, he announced in his Telegram channel. “Get arrested.” – he wrote. The press Secretary of a staff eks-the candidate for presidents of Belarus Valery Tsepkalo Alex urban announced the TV channel “Rain”that Shklyarov was accused of working on blogger Sergei Tikhanovski, husband of the candidate […]

The Russian Federation was not notified of the transfer of power PMC through Belarus – the security Council of Belarus

Russia has informed the Belarusian side about moving through the territory of Belarus military forces. This was stated by state Secretary of the security Council of Belarus Andrei Ravkov, writes the news Agency BelTA. “If it was carried out transfer somewhere private military company, especially through the territory of Belarus, probably, through some special services […]

The Russian Embassy has received notification of the arrest of 32 Russians in Belarus

The Russian Embassy in Belarus has received notification from the main consular Department of the Belarusian foreign Ministry about the detention of 32 Russians in the country. This July 29 reported on the visit of the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation on Twitter. “The Embassy received from the Main consular Department of the foreign […]

Belarusian oppositionist Tikhanovski arrest extended

Belarusian opposition leader and husband of a presidential candidate Svetlana Sergei Tikhanovski extended the period of detention. About this in Facebook wrote his wife. “Friends, Sergei extended the period of detention until September 29. Unfortunately for us it was not a surprise. But this is not knocked him out. He’s my hero!” she said. Tikhanovski […]

In going to seize suspicious funds

In Russia planned to confiscate the funds, the legality of which it is impossible to prove. About this “news” told in the Ministry of Finance of Russia. The Russian Ministry of Finance prepares changes to the Civil and Budget codes in terms of clarifying the list of incomes of the budget of the Pension Fund. […]

Militants PMC “Wagner” was in Belarus – a military journalist

Fighters of the private military company “Wagner”, which was detained by the Belarusian security services, used Minsk as a transit point for the transfer to Africa. The Belarusian authorities knew about the presence of mercenaries in a sanatorium near Minsk, but before the election I decided to use this fact to their advantage, wrote in […]

22 people died in a car accident in Mali

22 people were killed and 21 injured in a road accident in the South of Mali. This was on July 28 announced in Facebook the Ministry of transport this African state. Facing the van and the truck. The cause of the accident in the Ministry called the speeding and disregard of traffic rules.