The explosion in the port of Beirut has occurred during welding works – media

The explosion in the port of Beirut, according to preliminary information, occurred during welding work. This was reported by the TV channel LBC International on his Twitter page. According to preliminary information, at one of the warehouses of the port was 2700 tons a confiscated nitrate. “To avoid theft of the substance, the port staff […]

Explosions in the port of Beirut. Wounded UN peacekeepers

Due to a series of explosions in the port of the Lebanese capital Beirut on August 4, injured UN peacekeepers. About this informed the organization’s website. “As a result of powerful explosion thundered on Tuesday evening in the port area of the capital of Lebanon, killed dozens and injured thousands of people. The injured UN […]

In the port of Beirut during the bombings there were Ukrainian court analyst

In the port of Lebanon’s capital of Beirut, where on 4 August, a series of powerful explosions, are court of Ukraine. On Twitter announced the co-founder of the service vessel tracking TankerTrackers Samir Madani. According to him, the court of Mariupol. “I think it’s granary. These vessels were not the cause of something explosive, except […]

Trump has called for further work TikTok in USA

The President of the United States Donald trump during a press conference said that the app TikTok, the country must sell before September 15. The stream published by The New York Times. Trump insists that the app TikTok sold to Microsoft or another company before September 15, otherwise it will stop working in the United […]

The court in St. Petersburg have arrested the widow of the dismembered rapper Cartwright

Smolninsky district court of St.-Petersburg in the evening of 3 August ordered the arrest of Marina Kohala, which investigators believe was killed and dismembered her husband, a native of Ukraine Alexander Yushko (he – rapper Andy Cartwright). About it reported in Telegram United press-service of the courts of St. Petersburg. Kohala sent to jail till […]

The murder of Ukrainian rapper. To protect his widow is the former lawyer of the historian Sokolov, who is accused of the dismemberment of PhD student

Lawyer Sergei Lukyanov, who defended the historian Oleg Sokolov, who is accused of the murder and dismemberment of graduate students, August 3, represents the interests of the Marina Kohala, the widow of rapper from Ukraine Andy Cartwright (Alexander Yushko), she is charged with such a crime. About this informed the Agency “Interfax” with reference to […]

The UN plane made a hard landing in Mali, 11 people injured

3 Aug aircraft multidisciplinary integrated UN mission for the stabilization of the situation in Mali (MINUSMA) made a hard landing at the airport of Gao. About it it is reported on the website of the mission. On Board were four employees of the UN and seven crew members. “According to preliminary data, one crew member […]

The former king of Spain Juan Carlos went into exile amid financial scandal

Former king of Spain 82-year-old Juan Carlos left the territory of the state. This was announced by the office of the Royal house, the TV channel RTVE. On the website of the channel made public a letter that Juan Carlos sent his son, king Felipe VI before leaving. The decision on voluntary exile made on […]

In Botswana found out the reason for the mass deaths of elephants

Massive loss of elephants in the Okavango Delta in Botswana could be triggered by natural toxins, reported by the wildlife Department of Botswana, says Science Alert 3 Aug. According to the preliminary results, we are talking about bacteria that can produce poison in stagnant water. However, the authorities of the country until recently did not […]

The Czech Republic was divided into four quarantine zone

The territory of Czechia is divided into four quarantine zones depending on the epidemiological situation. On 3 August, reported the Ministry of health of the country, writes iRozhlas. To assess the risk of proliferation COVID-19 used 25 criteria. “Map-semaphore” will be updated every week, said the chief hygienist of the country Jarmila Razova. While the […]

The head who told me how to find the source of coronavirus

The advanced group of the world health organization has completed work in China. This was at the briefing on August 3, said the Director General of the who tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus. The transcript of his press conference published on the official website of the organization. “Advanced group who visited China, completed his mission and laid […]

Poland has fined “Gazprom” on $57 million in the case of “Nord stream – 2”

The Polish office for competition and consumer protection (UOKiK) has fined Russia’s Gazprom for failing to cooperate with the investigation in respect of the project “Northern stream – 2”. The amount of the fine amounted to 213 million zlotys ($57 million), said on the regulator’s website. Imposing a fine on Gazprom is connected with the […]

“Made worse, not Russia”. Tikhanovski commented on the suspicions in respect of her husband of detained mercenaries “Wagner”

Suspicions about the relations of the Belarusian opposition blogger Sergei Tikhanovski with the mercenaries of the Russian private military company “Wagner”, detained last week, the Belarusian authorities have done worse than just yourself. This opinion was expressed by the wife Tikhanovski, the candidate in presidents of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovski in an interview KP.RUthat came out […]

The White house confirmed that they plan to migrate US presidential election

The chief of staff of the White house mark meadows confirmed that the presidential elections in the US is not going to endure not another date. He said this in an interview with CBS News. According to him, the main danger is that when voting on post calculation of results can take weeks. Meadows noted […]